Stripping On Sunset

Stripping on Sunset are Pop Music’s newest sound, mixing contemporary pop and hybrid electronic/rock music the group is sure to make you move with their silky-smooth hooks, funky groove and dynamic live performance.

Influenced by artists like DNCE, Jon Bellion, Maroon 5 and The Weeknd. Stripping on Sunset is creating waves with their own take on popular music.

Stripping on Sunset is the result of three individual artists from three different musical background coming together to create their own take on pop music.

From the soulful vocals of Bailey Sampson, the catchy riffs of guitarist Jackson McIntosh and the raw rhythmic passion Jed McIntosh gives on the drums group has been described as “an edgy electronic pop/soul/funk feel and distinct undertones of rock’n’roll.” – (Heartstrings Melbourne).

You can find Stripping on Sunset working tirelessly in the studio or playing around their home town of Melbourne, Australia.

Bailey Sampson        Jed McIntosh        Jackson McIntosh

Bailey Sampson

Bailey Sampson is a singer/songwriter/producer and multi-instrumentalist who plays in various bands and duos in the Melbourne music scene. Bailey is one of the driving producers and vocalist behind the band Stripping On Sunset as well as performing his own acoustic solo music. Bailey is a gifted songwriter and spends a lot of his energy in the studio creating and producing new music.


Jackson McIntosh

Jackson McIntosh is an accomplished guitarist who has focused his talents on being a member in various bands and also as a session guitarist for other artists. In recent years his passion for all styles of music pushed him into writing and producing electronic music for other artists. Now Jackson is writing, producing and performing original music as one part of Stripping on Sunset.

Jed McIntosh

Jed McIntosh has been playing drums for 15 years. From orchestras in theatres to large arena hip hop sessions.  His broad variety of musical talent stretches far.  Jed has spent most of his musical career between the recording studio working with various national and international acts and playing live shows for many hip hop artists supporting the likes of Sean Paul, Mya, and Zendeya.  Jed’s passion for producing and bringing an intense live presence is why Jed has found a home with Stripping on Sunset.

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